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JUSTICE. M. Fathima Beevi, .

This is a model institution that works for the uplift of the poor and weaker section in the society. The persons who are dedicated for the service are earnest in the progress and welfare of the institution and the inmates. Let Allah help to guide them to more and more steps in the same direction.

S. Krishnan, .

Myself and my Inspector had the pleasure of paying a visit to the MOC and its various educational institutions today. After doing so we have to say unhesitatingly that we enjoy the high sense of happiness and pleasure in seeing such a well organized and well maintained organization in our life-time so far.

Jangid I.P.S, .

I am glad to participate in the function organized by the MOC. It is all the more significant that leaders of all the religions participated and expressed their views to bring about religious harmony. Let other religions also organize such conferences. All my best wishes!

Mohamed Salim M.P, .

It is pleasant occasion to be here and interact with you. I think that the MOC is carrying commandable jobs for the benefit of the community. I will always cherish this memory. Wish you all success in your efforts.

R.N. Sawani I.P.S, .

The visit to the MOC was an unforgettable experience. Everyone present was bubbling with enthusiasm and a national a spirit, that was all pervasive in the gathering. The Institution has done a lot for the underprivileged children of the Muslim Society in bringing them up to be good citizens. I wish the M.O.C the very best and appreciate the personal efforts of Janab. Mohamed for his untiring efforts.

Dr. F.U. Siddique, .

I must thank you Almighty for giving me this opportunity to visit MOC. They are catering the needs of Muslim community and downtrodden group of society since last so many years. They are providing yeoman service for the community. I understand all institutions run by MOC are very well managed. MOC deserves all types of assistance from every corner of the country. I wish all success for the future Endeavour.

Dr. Niranjan Mardi I.A.S, .

It is my pleasure to be here today. I wish the institutions all the very best.

P.M. Basheer Ahamed I.A.S, .

I am very happy to participate in the farewell party organized by the MOC Tirunelveli today. The amount of enthusiasm and sincerity shown by the President. Janab. Haji. Jamal Mohammed Sahib and all his coordination's is overwhelmingly high. I am thankful for the kindness showed on me. I wish them success in all theirendeavours and grow from strength to strength in the service of the downtrodden and the poor in this district.
with best wishes.

Dr. A.S. Abdul Karim,

Delighted to see the institution is giving very good support to the Boys & Girls in the Educational aspect of life. Very impressed with the results and particularly impressed to note that Non-Muslim Girls are studying Arabic. I pray for the improvement and the good help of the institution to continue.

M.M. Barakath Ali, .

Visited the Muslim Orphanage today (13-03-1999). It is very important work which you all have done. I pray to Allah for all progress and give you all the strength to continue this good work for the sake of Allah Subhanahu wathaala. Wassalam.