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Orphanage for Girls

In the year 1963 a girls' hostel nearer to our orphanage was started which is now managed by a sister institution of our orphanage called Muslim Women's Progressive Association. At present there are 205 girls.

This orphanage is administered by an Executive Committee of 70 dedicated Muslims from all over India and abroad.

The generons Pallak Labbai Family of Kayalpatnam put up an exquisitely beautiful Mosque in our campus named ''MASJJD-UL-MILFAR." Five time prayers and Jumma Prayer is held in which our boys and people of our community from surrounding area, the students and the staff of the medical college attend. After the Fajr prayer our boys are taught Dheeniyath by eminent Scholars.

The committee felt that simply accommodating, feeding and providing clothes will not help the orphans and destitutes to stand on their own legs when they grow up. So it was decided that the boys and girls must be taught secular and religious education.