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Muslim Orphanage

Al-Haj M.N. Muhammad Sahib was a great missionary, freedom fighter and philosopher of this region. He dedicated his life for the uplift of people in general and the Muslims in particular. He was the author of Biography of Prophet Muhammed (Sal) in Tamil.

A poor Muslim widow with her two children approached the philosopher for shelter to her two children as she was not in a position to maintain them. There was no orphanage for Muslims exclusively. This had moved the philanthropist to a great extent. He, therefore, took a vow to start an orphanage. He consulted his close associates Late Janab. M.M. Muthuvappa Sahib of Campbellabad who fully supported the view of the philanthropist. With little resources but abundant faith in Allah the most merciful this home was started in the year 1957 with six boys to start with at Khadir Nagar, High Ground, Tirunelveli-11.

Late. Janab. M.N. Abdur Rahman Sahib of Tenkasi, President of Isha- Athul Islam sabai gave 4.32 acres of land of the sabai to the orphanage. Late. Janab. M. Shahul Hameed Sahib of Pettai and Late Janab. S.M. Khader Meera Sahib of Pettaikulam need special mention among the many who helped to establish and develop this institution. Now there are 200 orphans and destitute boys in our orphanage.