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Home for Aged

Some wakf properties which had become the private properties of a few anti-social elements were redeemed from them and made available for the benefit of the whole Muslim society. It took tremendous efforts to redeem the properties. On the Zindha Madharsha wakf land which is close to the All India Radio station Tiruneveli and Palayamkottai Bus Stand, a thatched shed Mosque has been put up. A home for the aged has been established at the same Campus. The destitute elders are taken care of here. The expenditure incurred for looking after the aged people is met by the District Muslim Welfare Association. Similarly the Muhammad Appa wakf property located right on Tirunelveli - Trivandrum National Highways at Kulavanigarpuram near the Railway Crossing was brought under the control of a committee. The Mosque there was repaired. Five times prayers and Jumma prayer are regularly offered here. It is worth mentioning that Muhammad Appa, the great missionary and mufti the son of the famous Arabic Scholar, Sadakauthullah Appa of Kayalpatnam has been laid to rest here.